The Icon Bar Message Updates Technology news and views Wakefield 2018 show in pIctures Just noticed your article got a mention on one of my favourite (non RISC OS-related) websites Wakefield 2018 Show Report You're over-thinking it! Wakefield 2018 Show Report That's clearly the digit 0 rather than the letter O. Wakefield 2018 Show Report We would expect nothing less..... Wakefield 2018 Show Report And just to back up Mark's view about my not running out of risque names, I'm currently working on a development to PiSSD! called PiSSD 0RF... DDE tools update released Thanks for the information and links - it looks like I somehow missed (or forgotten) that ROOL updated the DDE these days. DDE tools update released This post mentions that the last drop from Codemist was 1990's, so there were already no updates coming from them (for the main C compiler). DDE tools update released Do you know who is updating the DDE tools these days? DDE tools update released The update was a nice surprise and shows their commitment to the tool chain. March News Round-up Just for the sake of historical record, Pi3 support was the smallest of the new Quake features. The main improvement was support for VFP floating point for double the performance which can be used for 60fps smoothness, high resolution or widescreen etc. Also improved mod support allowing for loads more levels/games to run (eg. the supplied Malice total conversion).