The Icon Bar Message Updates Technology news and views Getting started with Bash on RISC OS On RO 5.24 on an Rpi3, running Bash just locks everything up. Geminus I never told this. In fact, I would prefer to have a commercial solution for my acceleration / dual head needs. I use RISC OS as my main OS, so I can't really wait for RISC OS 5.38 . A new monitor for my RISC OS and Mac systems I would (and have here recommend the iiyama G-MASTER GB2888UHSU-B1, which is a 4K 28" screen with a lot of inputs and a very low price, currently less than 400. Geminus Maybe those secretive RISC OS lovers at RISC OS Developments could fund you to do that work. A rising tide floating all boats, etc. Geminus Absolutely agree. We would have missed out in all these goodies you have served up for us. Geminus snip snip Geminus Interesting suggestion, thanks. I was unaware of the existence of Gert's VGA adapter. The prototype DisplayLink driver is something I've played with a little, and one of the areas where the SoC-based designs upon which RISC OS now runs are limited is their display capabilities, in terms of head count and/or maximum resolution... Geminus Acceleration would be great. Dual head support two, but it'll be a short term feature, as RISC OS will provide it one day. Geminus From my perspective a lot of the features which Geminus supports should actually be features of the base OS. So I guess what I'd most like to see would be for those features to make their way into the OS! How likely is it that... It's the feedback one that annoys me.